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Rob O'Brien
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My name is Rob. This is your little window into my existence...enjoy the ride!

Also, as a disclaimer, this is MY journal with MY writings and MY thoughts. They are NOT yours. If you aren't prepared to be a mature adult and realize that my business does not pertain to you unless explicitly stated, then do not read this journal.
I am an American, protected by the same Constitutional Rights given to purveyors of religious and political propaganda, pornographers, artists with taboo subject material, journalists, comedians, and everyone else who has an opinion and chooses to exercise their right to say it, display it, broadcast it, or publish it.

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You've been warned.
.357 magnum, a perfect circle, acting, al pacino, audioslave, b.b. king, basketball, beer, being evil, being naked, ben harper, bill hicks, black coffee, black label society, blue moon, blues guitar, bob and tom, bob marley, bogarts, boiler room, braveheart, bulldogs, camel lights, chinese food, classic rock, concerts, cunnilingus, da lemmings onsombol, doc martens, driving, dustin hoffman, ekoostik hookah, eric clapton, fender guitars, fishing, football, godsmack, goodfellas, gov't mule, government mule, grasshopper pie, guinness, guitar, gun rights, guns, halo, hatebreed, hiking, hippie chicks, hippies, history, hunter s. thompson, incubus, insomnia, irish, irish setters, italian food, jam bands, jay z, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john cleese, julie edlow, keg beer, keller williams, kevin smith, knives, lasagna, laughing, laughing til it hurts, led zeppelin, live music, magic: the gathering, mario puzo, maynard james keenan, mel brooks, metallica, middletown lyric theatre, middletucky, military history, monty python, mountain biking, mtg, newcastle, nissan z, norml, nra, nu porno nation, nudity, off-roading, opera, ovation guitars, pantera, parties, personal training, phish, photography, pink floyd, politics, pretzels, rage against the machine, rammstein, reading, red hot chili peppers, road trips, robert deniro, robert fulghum, romance, sarcasm, scarface, sex, singing, singing in the shower, sleeping, softball, stanislavski, stephen king, stevie ray vaughan, stone temple pilots, stp, streaking, structure, sublime, swimming, system of a down, talking, tattoos, telecaster, tequila, the big wu, the doors, the eagles, the godfather, the mafia, the matrix, the recipe, the shantee, the wizard of oz, theatre, thunder, tool, tree o frogs, umphrey's mcgee, vast, wasting time, webcams, weight lifting, writing, zakk wylde


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